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Globally, there are +500 million smallholder farms; more than 2 billion people depend on them for their livelihoods. These small farms produce about 80% of the food consumed in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa (Smallholders can feed the world, []( Within sub-Saharan Africa, ~60% of Rwandan’s (~7.3m of 12.3m population) are below the poverty line ($1.25 PPP, WEF 2016) and ~70% (majority female) of the population are employed in agriculture (FAO), of which ~2m are smallholder farmers earning an average $125/year (One Acre Fund) i.e. below the poverty line. This is the target group of beneficiaries that we are supporting with our solution. When smallholder farmers in developing countries, like Rwanda, try to access higher yield/profitable solutions that can elevate them out of income and food poverty they face: 1. High upfront capital costs for advanced higher yield/profitable solutions. 2. Low/no access to finance (banks require 150% collateral, and impose default 18% interest rates). 3. Falling into a dependency trap with competitors (no agency/ownership). Until these farmers gain access to higher yield solutions, they will be limited by the basic traditional farming solutions available to them, forcing them to remain under the poverty line. NjordFrey empowers smallholder farmers through: Aquaponic starter-kit with 2-4 year credit payback, eliminating upfront costs. Supply chain for inputs (seeds/fingerlings/fishfeed). Training for independence and market access. Our tech boosts yields 400%, income 10x, and ends malnutrition. After kit costs, farmers gain ownership, aided by our ‘Non-Invasive Digital Health Monitoring System’ for real-Gme data and efficiency.