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Problem: Health issues like obesity, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases are on the rise as more people live sedentary lifestyles at work and at home. A key component to solving this problem is consistent physical activity (exercise). Sadly exercising is difficult for most and many people struggle with exercise routines over the long term due to a lack of motivation, lack of access to fitness facilities, or not finding activities that they enjoy. Solution: The Meuve App makes exercising and staying motivated as fun as playing video games and rewards users for playing. We’ve built an Artificial Intelligence workout tracker that uses computer vision (mobile or desktop) to track and guide users through engaging exercise routines anywhere and at any time. Users also earn Meuve credits for completing their exercises and can use their credits to easily redeem exciting rewards like movie tickets, exciting discounts, and more. Meuves gamified fitness experience keeps users motivated, and consistent and keeps them coming back. Why now? Technology and AI are getting more advanced. Technology adoption and penetration are increasing at a rapid pace. Gaming is gaining global appeal even in places like Africa. Wellness is having its time in the spotlight as disposable income and lifestyle choices change for the global upwardly mobile.