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Growing up, it was considered an unforgiveable curse to tell your peer he would end up a farmer. Even parents successfully reined in truancy in their kids by threatening them with a career in agriculture! Why do you think that is? The brutal truth is that the earning potential of most farms in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa is very low. This is because of very low yields with crop yields at a third of global yield averages (IFPR-World Development Report 2008), as well as very high post-harvest losses with between 40 and 60% of everything produced lost to post harvest losses annually (FAO/AGRA 2012). As a result, farmers are very poor, and constitute about 75 % of all the people who survive on less than $1 per day. For farmers in the grains and cassava value chains looking to increase the earning potential of their farms, Kitovu is an agtech startup that uses soil and market demand data to provide soil and crop specific inputs to increase crop yields and access to markets; and unlike the traditional approach, our products guarantees farmers soil-crop-input fit and guaranteed buyers at no extra cost. Kitovu triples crop yields through a proven system that has outperformed the national yield average for grains by over 300%; going from 1.2 Tons to 4.2 Tons per Hectare.