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ISCLEANAIR, established in April 2017, pioneers filter-less APA (Air Pollution Abatement) technology. APA efficiently removes up to 99% of particulate matter, chemicals, gases, and microorganisms from indoor and outdoor air. It also absorbs up to 20% of CO2 from the atmosphere. The team recently won a bid to integrate APA into HVAC systems, reducing energy consumption by over 20% and eliminating filter replacements. ISCLEANAIR holds a Global Leader in Technology and Solutions (GLeTS) classification, with certifications for removing nanoparticles. Our “CLEAN AIR global business model” offers services and solutions that promote energy efficiency and create healthier living and working spaces, aligning with ESG and Circular Economy goals. Our filter-less APA technology is certified to remove even nanoparticles as small as 20 nm, making indoor spaces not only cleaner but also healthier and safer. Our “CLEAN AIR global business model” offers a range of services and solutions, promoting energy efficiency and catering to evolving market demands. It contributes to healthier and safer living and working environments, aligning with ESG and Circular Economy goals while raising awareness about our innovative social service for the benefit of people and the environment.