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Enismaro is an agrifood tech company focused on agri-food traceability. We have developed an end to end platform for B2B customers that allows to create, update and consult all information relating to the producton process. The platform is integrated by two frameworks: a structure for the management of IOT sensors and a layer developed in Blockchain. Through an innovative method of creating smart contracts, Enismaro guarantees compliance with organoleptic and qualitative conditions along the entire supply chain and provides a product that increases transparency towards end consumers. Enismaro makes the agri-food traceability objective. The Enismaro solution is innovative on several aspects. From the process point of view, Enismaro combines an IOT sensor framework – which captures qualitative conditions relating to the product or process in real time – with a Blockchain framework, which is managed autonomously by users. This therefore allows all the actors in the food chain to create “smart contracts” within the platform in which they agree on certain organoleptic conditions that must be respected (eg, cold chain monitoring), thus breaking down the information gap and increasing transparency in the process through the information collected by sensors and recorded on the Blockchain.