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Beetle ForTech is a revolutionary startup committed to transforming the timber industry with innovative technology and sustainable practices. Their mission is to combat illegal logging and promote responsible wood sourcing, playing a crucial role in the global fight against deforestation and climate change. The company’s diverse team comprises experts in wood technology, remote sensing, law, and software development. This collective expertise allows Beetle ForTech to approach the issue of illegal logging comprehensively, seeking impactful and holistic solutions. At the core of their solution is a unique tamper-proof verification system that combines IoT and satellite-based forest monitoring. This system ensures transparency and accountability in the timber industry by tracing each log’s origin, verifying that it comes from legal and sustainably managed forests, and curbing deforestation. The process begins with an IoT marking device that forestry workers use to assign a unique code to each log, recording critical information such as location, dimensions, and timestamps. This breakthrough log marking process disrupts opaque timber supply chains, paving the way for a more transparent and sustainable industry. Beetle ForTech offers an automated platform to store collected data for compliance with trade laws. Their tamper-proof system boosts confidence in legality data and prevents counterfeiting. They also use satellite-based forest monitoring to track tree cutting, minimizing environmental impact. By integrating satellite tech, data analytics, and IoT marking, they support sustainable forest management, preserving log info post-cutting. BFT’s innovation aids agriculture too, showing deforestation-free practices and responsible sourcing.