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Manage post-harvest losses through cost-effective and energy efficient cold storage facilities that extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and improve income of smallholder farmers and actors along the fruits and vegetables value chain. Through the use of IoT’s (Wi-Fi enabled temperature regulator) and energy efficient cold storage facility we regulate the temperature of our cold room to suit the optimum temperature of the produce to extend it shelf life from 3days to 21days. At the farmers farm-gate, we provide an evaporative coolers that temporarily stores produce after harvest. Also, we render advisory services to smallholder farmers using toll free and USSD lines on the best agronomic practices to help reduce post harvest losses and improve yields. Through our market linkage services, we help smallholder farmers to sell their produce to buyers, processor and fruits vegetables traders. Markets: Agriculture, Logistics/Supply Chain, Advisory, Vegetables, Fruit, Horticulture, Post- Harvest Transformation, AgriTech, Cold Chain Logistics