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Safi is a non profit that provides herders in East Africa with an accessible pasteurization handle to clean their milk from any pathogens and prevent the spread of diseases.

Due to climate change induced droughts, herders have begun using drought resistant camels as their primary livestock. Because of a number of factors (temperature, hygiene, proximity), 90+% of camels in sub-saharan Africa, primarily Kenya, carry traces of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). MERS is an incredibly contagious coronavirus with a 35% greater mortality rate than COVID-19. One of the primary sources of MERS transmission is camel milk, a staple of herders diet and a large source of income. Herders are not pasteurizing their milk due to a lack of knowledge and skills and hence are vulnerable to contracting MERS and other deadly illnesses such as brucellosis and tuberculosis from camel milk.

Safi is a portable aluminum based pasteurization handle that kills MERS and other pathogens in milk. The handle easily attaches on to any pot, and has a stirring apparatus and a color coded thermometer that allows users to easily stir the milk and maintain it at the right temperature to pasteurize the milk. Safi is designed to be accessible to all no matter their education levels. For more effectiveness, an education campaign will be run with the target population to ensure product success. We plan on distributing handles and educational resources to vulnerable communities with partnered local organizations.

The long term goal is to catalyze production directly through a top-down subsidy that targets local manufacturers of the Safi handle. Eventually, this will allow local vendors to distribute the handle whilst creating value for themselves at a decreased cost. The end result is a self-sufficient value system that no longer requires sponsorship from the Safi organization or outside subsidies that will ensure that handles are delivered to every individual that needs it.