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_0004_Organic Tools
Organic Tools is a startup with a strong vision for the agricultural sector. We develop and deliver smart tools and solutions for small scale, regenerative agriculture. Because the key to a humanity with a future lies in farmers’ hands. With our products we have already reached over 1000 small farms. Alongside our customers, we are working on a farming culture that serves health and joy at all levels, brings carbon back into the soil and trees, and creates a home for the diversity of life.

Our first product, the electric fruit and nut harvester, “”Obstraupe”” is already successfully in use at over 1000 agroforestry farms since 2018. The new generation Silver Fox 04 offers the gentlest fruit pick-up among mechanized fruit pickers, with an effective pre-cleaning of leaves and grass residues and a harvesting capacity of 1 ton of fruit per hour. The battery-powered device with 48V power is to use and the 33kg device with stainless steel frame can be maneuvered flexibly even under dense conditions and fits even in the cartrunk.