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Beyond More Technologies | Search, Import, examine and localize low tech technologies to improve the productivity of the agricultural sector. Understanding end users; our outcome has to be affordable, simple and show result in a short time. Introducing more cash crops to the country to improve the income of small holder farmers as a step to encourage them adopt more complicated technologies. Develop and commercialize Alternative solutions for organic fertilizers and animal feeds ensuring a low price and consistent quantity and quality production.
At this stage we managed to commercialize two component of our system

1.Coffee wastes conversion into organic raw materials for eco-fire briquette and organic fertilizer.

2. Grainless animal feeds which relay on a wider range of components to deliver a high does of nutrient to the animal improving its immunity and reducing the cost of production.

Strategic partnership with the Likes of Research institutes such as IITA and commercial entities such as Scuffina grants us a true perspective into what we are developing and what is the next stage of development.”