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12ID offers a digital identity solution. This is a mobile application, an ecosystem and a backend system. It’s a solution and tool for the end-user to connect digitally and prove their unique identity remotely – globally. At the center of the ecosystem, you find our selected Issuers (identity providers), who create added value and a marketing pull-effect for their customers by including them in an ecosystem (financial inclusion). Simultaneously, the Issuers (identity providers) also allows customers to digitally and uniquely identify, onboard, sign and authenticate towards themselves.

At 12ID, the objective is to include as many end-users as possible, verified by reputable Issuers (identity providers). Therefore, instead of following the trend of analyzing, processing, storing and owning user data, 12ID uses blockchain technology for not store or share any sensitive data – allowing our Issuers (identity providers) to remain in full control and use 12ID as an impartial tool. This mitigates regulation risks and ensures full scalability across markets. Hence, 12ID is a solution that an Issuer (identity provider) can use for remote onboarding of new customers, including them in an ecosystem, and ensure full online functionality for digital services.