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2021 cohorts

Congrats to those selected for our 2021/22 programme! Check out each cohort below to learn more about the amazing projects that are expanding into new markets as we speak!
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What we do

Founded in 2014, Tricog is one of the world’s largest predictive healthcare analytics firms. Tricog was started realising that the cardiac issues get severe due to a delay in preliminary diagnosis. Tricog leverages its deep medical expertise backed by a powerful AI to provide Virtual Cardiology Services to remote healthcare centres.

Over time, we have evolved into a technology-driven cardiac care company. Our flagship product, InstaECG, enables us to create a network of 4,000 ECG diagnosis points at various clinics, hospitals, and diagnostic centres across the globe. Our InstaEcho solution has served thousands of patients in diagnosing early-stage heart failure and set them on a care pathway.
Today, our ground-breaking AI has a data store that exhibits 200+ cardiac conditions, significantly enhancing the detection of rare cardiac disorders.

Tricog has served over 8 million patients and has a presence in over 15 countries. Headquartered in Singapore, Tricog has offices in India, the Philippines, Kenya, China, Malaysia and the US.