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Congrats to those selected for our 2021/22 programme! Check out each cohort below to learn more about the amazing projects that are expanding into new markets as we speak!
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Health data today – healthcare tomorrow

The importance of health data availability for safe and efficient healthcare.

Today healthcare providers in developing countries, refugee camps and other places where patients are extra vulnerable, operates with very limited information regarding their patient’s health status – whether a new patient or a recurrent patient due to a lack of data. Only information the patient re- members and/or understood from a previous visit to a healthcare provider and is able or willing to tell is available to the healthcare provider seeing the patient. There is no way to have the patient’s full medical history or follow-up. This weakens the healthcare system and leads to subpar treatment incl. misdiagnosis and causing fatalities.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we present a patient-owned app-based solution that will secure the patient and the healthcare provider access to his/her data at all times. The data in the solution has been provided by a healthcare provider who through a secure log-on procedure can gain access to view and add data on the patient. It means that we empower patients who are already vulnerable by making sure that they have control over their health data when perhaps many other things are out of their control.

For a state, it is also crucial to have health data to react in time, e.g., to assess an outbreak and move fast to contain it. Furthermore, we are inspired by NGOs to look at the potential to implement the solu- tion for people on the move, i.e., people in refugee camps who may be travelling from area to area without any potential for safeguarding medical data except on a paper version, which often is at risk of getting lost, soaked, or taken hold of by other people who potentially could misuse the data and information from the documentation.

Aggregated anonymized data will also be a tool for NGOs and Nation States to better plan and prevent initiatives that today are done, to some degree, randomly and based on a feeling.

My Personal Health Bank solution is providing a tool for healthcare providers, patients, and payers a like to secure the safest, most efficient, most adequate treatment and make sure that resources can be targeted the right needs and problems. The solution is a cloud-based, secure health data storage software where the individual owns the data. During or prior to a visit to the healthcare provider, the patient grants the healthcare provider access to his/her medical data. The healthcare provider up- dates the data concerning the patient on My Personal Health Bank Health Provider site. Then the data will be available for all subsequent diagnosis and treatment by any healthcare provider the patient grants access to. This access can be cancelled if/when desired. Our software will be available in web browser and integrated into several generations of smartphones. It will also automatically synchronize data.

We will be able to have the solution up and running within a week in any hot spot of the world;no major system implementation is needed;all is available and accessible via a cloud solution.

My Personal Health Bank solution will be tested in Tanzania and Rwanda in 2022 – pls visit our webpage at: