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2021 cohorts

Congrats to those selected for our 2021/22 programme! Check out each cohort below to learn more about the amazing projects that are expanding into new markets as we speak!
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Cure Bionics founders photo
Cure Bionics team

What we do

Cure Bionics is Tunisian-based Medtech startup that develops and produce 3D printed bionics arms that enhance the human body with multi-grip functionality and empowering aesthetics for below elbow amputee adults and children aged 8 and above with the aim to make it more accessible and cool-to-wear.
In addition to that, we will be able to produce and ship prosthetics all over the world in less than 7 days, compared to weeks and months for other competitors, thanks to using distributed 3D scanning hubs locally in target markets.
We also develop immersive and gamified training solutions for prosthetic users.

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Cure Bionics founders photo
Cure Bionics team